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** Center Activities [#p9a1bb97]

*** Related Activities [#y0d0df8c]

-[[JADH2012 conference:http://www.jadh.org/jadh2012/]] was held at the University of Tokyo.(2012/9/15-17)

-Prof. Shimoda gave a [[keynote address>http://21dzk.l.u-tokyo.ac.jp/CEH/index.php?English%20DH2012%20Keynote]] at the [[Digital Humanities 2012 conference>http://www.dh2012.uni-hamburg.de]] at Hamburg University. (Jul 20 2012)

-[[The 2012 version of the SAT Daizōkyō database>http://21dzk.l.u-tokyo.ac.jp/SAT/index_en.html]] has been released. (Jun 19 2012)

-An International Symposium "Construction of a Knowledge Base in Digital Age and the role of Humanities - with Digital Humanities as a the point of orientation" was hosted by CEH at the University of Tokyo. (Nov 29 2011)

-We cooperated the in the running of the [[Osaka Symposium on Digital Humanities 2011>http://www.lang.osaka-u.ac.jp/~osdh2011/]] at Osaka University and co-founded the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities. (Sep 12-14 2011).

-We cooperated the in running the Third ITLR Workshop "Indo-Tibetan Lexical Resource (ITLR): Experimentation and Implementation I" at the University of Hamburg. (Jul 19-22 2011).

-[[Digital Humanities 2010>http://dh2010.cch.kcl.ac.uk/]] (Jul/7-10 2010) at King's College London. We participated by offering a panel entitled "The Origins and Current State of Digitization of Humanities in Japan," (2010/7/10) chaired by Charles Muller and summarized by Masahiro Shimoda. 
--([[Message from the International Institute of Digital Humanities>http://www.dhii.jp/dh/dh2010/]])

-(Feb 22 2010) Sponsoring of an International Workshop: "The Formation of a Buddhist Studies Knowledge Base" at Kyoto University ([[First International Conference on Culture and Computing>http://www.ai.soc.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp/culture2010/]])
--([[Message from AMeeT (Art Meets Technology)>http://www.ameet.jp/digital-archives/digital-archives_20100305/#page_tabs=5]])
--([[Message from the Kyoto Laboratory for Culture and Computing>http://www.astem.or.jp/virtual-lab/culture/20100721-306.html]])

-(May 23 2009) Featured session at the Information Processing Society of Japan cultural Science and Computer Society at the University of Tokyo Hongō campus:  (host):[["Various Aspects of the Humanities Databases as Test Case in Evolving Humanities">http://www.jinmoncom.jp/index.php?%E9%96%8B%E5%82%AC%E4%BA%88%E5%AE%9A%2F%E7%AC%AC82%E5%9B%9E]] 

-[[2009 Tokyo Workshop on Digital Humanities>http://www.lang.osaka-u.ac.jp/~dhw2009/]] (Mar 27-29 2009) at the Hongō Campus of the University of Tokyo&br;
(Co-hosted with the [[Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing>http://www.allc.org/]])

***News Reports Related to Activities [#v9cc0a4a]

-Chūgai Nippō:  "NII Prize-winner: Linking of Daizōkyō and Article Database." (2009/11/21)

-Buddhist Times: "Easy Searching of the INBUDS Database Developed by SAT Database Web Programmer" (2009/11/19)

-Chūgai Nippō: "Various Projects like the Tripiṭaka Database maintenance management provide for  support for the field of Buddhist Studies."(2009/06/02)

-Previous Database Platform History. 

--Chūgai  Nippō: "" (2007/08/02)

--Buddhist Times: "Tripiṭaka database transformation completed after 13 years of spending"(2007/08/02)

--Yomiuri Shinbun: Kokoro no peiji: "Shuha wakukoe butten keishō — Taishō Daizōkyō denshika kansei e"(2007/05/30)