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Center Activities

Related Activities

  • An International Symposium "Construction of a Knowledge Base in Digital Age and the role of Humanities - with Digital Humanities as a the point of orientation" was hosted by CEH at the University of Tokyo. (Nov 29 2011)
  • We cooperated the in running the Third ITLR Workshop "Indo-Tibetan Lexical Resource (ITLR): Experimentation and Implementation I" at the University of Hamburg. (Jul 19-22 2011).

News Reports Related to Activities

  • Chūgai Nippō: "NII Prize-winner: Linking of Daizōkyō and Article Database." (2009/11/21)
  • Buddhist Times: "Easy Searching of the INBUDS Database Developed by SAT Database Web Programmer" (2009/11/19)
  • Chūgai Nippō: "Various Projects like the Tripiṭaka Database maintenance management provide for support for the field of Buddhist Studies."(2009/06/02)
  • Previous Database Platform History.
  • Chūgai Nippō: "" (2007/08/02)