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Greeting (Daizōkyō Database Hub Representative: Masahiro Shimoda)

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 The Internet, which links the computer terminals of individuals around the world, processing a huge amount of calculation in high speed, and allowing these individuals to cooperate in the exchange of information instantly, has as come to thoroughly penetrate our daily lives, becoming a basic component of the present-day intellectual society in less than 20 years, To make the fullest use of this social infrastructure in the area of research, the entirety of the research material and findings of research must be appropriately digitized, and to this end, it is necessary to prepare and maintain a new kind of knowledge-base that corresponds to the distinctive needs of each field of research.。



What is the Taishō Tripiṭaka (Daizōkyō)?

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While on one hand, Buddhism grants due authority to the significance of the language-transcending enlightenment experience, on the other hand, the reality based on the formulation of this experience into language in order to transmit the content of one's own consciousness to others has been received continual great respect, to the extent that special attention has been paid to the usage of language. When we reflect on the history of the world religions, there are times when the sacredness of the religion and the sacredness of the language become indistinguishable, and tendency can be seen to sacralize a specific language. But the tendency in Buddhism is different from this, since language is instead taken up as a method for communication of the inner experience, and thus translations of, supplementation to, explication of, and transformations of this expression are admitted.